- Onez!e


From mind capturing progressive melodies, in depth sound scape atmospheres and strong rhythm, to hard hitting percussion, hypnotizing structures, and state of mind altering vibes, this producer has discovered his own unique sound. Only had been producing electronic music since early 2012, Onez!e had already signed his music to industry standard labels, showcased on radio shows, and played live in clubs internationally. Upon releasing several tracks to the public for purchase and digital download, Onez!e had received artist support from top names in the industry including, Markus Schulz. Onez!e has always been involved with music. From playing rock, metal, hardcore, and even creating his own music acoustically, prior to engaging into electronic music.After multiple band involvements, Onez!e had decided to pursue a different path; Electronic music. Stating that by writing your own music, you can achieve your true vision in your art. You create music that matters to yourself and no one else. He feels that music is an amazing art, and by putting one’s own emotion into each track, is what distinguishes true artistry.This artist is pushing boundaries and will soon be making an impact in the electronic music world.