- Oliver Dombi


Born on 25th of December, 1981 in Transylvania. Musicwriter from the Autumn of 2001, and label owner from 2006. From 2010 launched new labels and from 2013 also entered into Distribution. Working under many artist names beside real name, running many labels and doing Distribution. His Life is fully on Music. Under the name 'Oliver Dombi' he mostly produces Deep House, Disco, Dubtechno, Techno, Minimal, House, Electroclash, etc. Favorite Genre is Ambient, but there are no borders, not even when comes to smooth sunshine sounds, morgue cold darkness, or retard ass-shake Music. Brands/Labels: ADX Distribution (Spiritech Records, Nanoloopsis, more to come), ADX Records, MHT Records, Ancient Language Records, Lotek Recordings, HSL, ET Media, Shadows of Nothingness, and so on. MONIKERS, ARTIST SCHIZOS: Shambala Networks, Csillagkod, Kvazar, Morogh, MNI8000, Audios3x, (DNA of God, FMSB), and Oliver Dombi. He makes all types of music, that was the reason multiple projects were born. He also played on Festivals, Events with two of His monikers: Audios3x and Shambala Networks. Usually people are also interested in what colors are His favorite, is He Married, or did He ever killed one or two persons. We believe that the upper mentioned information is more important, then getting into pinky-talk nonsense. Check His Works also on 100 other labels near His Own.