- Ochs & Klick


You could start with typical phrases like „ born in ...“ but it is more important to say what music means to them.“For us it is a awareness of life with addiction”They are not just DJ colleagues, they are grown together as friends – which makes every treat to a special experience. They complement one another with every sound.Whether in front of a big audience, at open airs or in clubs or for friends. Spending their time in the studio is something familiar but in the clubs they are entertainer. They enjoy people having fun with their music and take them on a journey faraway from daily life.When you see them you realize they are a perfect team they understand each other without words – that’s how its not just fun listening but watching them. They show their pleasure and passion for music with the diversified sound – “ Just when you stand for your music, you can sell it right” They always have the will to learn new things while searching for the ultimate.Their common projects are since 2009 the booking agency “Akzent – Bookings” and since 2013 the event “ Heimatkult” and the youngest founded baby the Techno label “RE: Pitched”