- Obscure Live


Obscure Live & rdzd aka Davide Ardizzoia was born in1986 in a small town in northern Italy.Davide has always been fascinated by music and during the years developed a passion for electronic music. He was sixteen , when he started go clubbing when the italian underground scene was kicking.in late 2004 he began to deal with turntables alongside his longtime friend Michele.year by year his passion grew up n its still growing as well as his interest for the global underground scene.in 2011 he started his training on software for music production.his skills on these softwares kept growing months by month till his first track came up.his first releases were on:outside division,serial number 849 records,kaputt music,circular limited.hes always been inspired by jonas koop,juan Atkins,Moritz von Oswald regis,sigha, and one of friend conrad van orton