Afshin Movahed a.k.a OBIS, has been bringing a fresh new sound to the Electronic Dance Music scene since early 2013. Yet, his background and experiences related to music go back to when he was only 11 years old. His older brother Amir introduced him to music when he picked up the bass, and needed a drummer to jam with. Afshin, picked up the drums out of curiosity and soon realized that he had immense passion for music. Soon after, he began playing in bands that ranged from hard rock to heavy metal. Throughout high school he developed an interest in music production and sound engineering. He began by recording his friends' bands at his home studio. This quickly evolved into full length music compositions in the likes of hip-hop and various styles of EDM. His Appreciation for dance music really took flight when he went to his first rave and saw Armin Van Buuren perform live. Obis' knowledge of music theory, patience and attention to detail has led him down a long road of constant learning and progress to the point where the record label Saturday Night Sessions took interest in his talent and released his first remix officially on Beatport, soon followed by another release on Synth City Records. His remix project for Disco Mike's track 'Ambergris' made it as high as the #27 spot on the Electro House Beatport Top 100 Charts. Since, He has released 'Stellar' on SNS and his 'Eclipse' EP on Joy Records. Be sure to keep an eye out for this new face in the EDM circuit. His energetic and melody driven beats will keep you wanting more, and his drops will have you up and dancing the night away while constantly providing you with pure atmospheric energy!