- Oana Leca


Born in Romania and raised in London, Oana Leca has called Munich home for couple of years. Music has always been a part of Oana’s life since childhood. At a young age she started to learn piano and her passion and appreciation for music lead her into the world of Dj'ing and music production. With a keen musical ear and high technical savvy, Oana pushes the boundaries of the Deep/Minimal and Techno scene forward in each one of her sets delivering deep, rich and diverse music that the crowd wants to hear. Obsessed with the vibe created when a whole room of people is touched and transported by the power of the music, Oana’s aim is to introduce new and diverse musical innovations to the crowd. Driven by a passion for being a part of that feeling that is shared on the dance floor, what motivates her the most is the reciprocal emotions conceived by the sharing of great music. Oana’s style is personal but equally simple and universal. In her sets and own production, she dives into peoples memories, feelings and most importantly their happiness; creating a harmony with oneself and whoever is there to experience and share their relationship with the music.She released tracks in North Dub Record Label and Conceptual Records (EP). Oana it's working at the moment on several music projects. No matter where the path may lead Oana, you'll find her living by a simple motto, "Do what you love and love what you do, the rest comes naturally".