- Nyarlathotep


Nyarlathotep is the sound project of Krys Miller, an Ohio native and classically trained beat junkie. She began djing in 2001, producing and playing live in 2003, and has several albums and a mini army of fans to show for her efforts. When she's not destroying beats and gracing the sound system with her bass heavy beats, she's organizing shows and events, the bulk of which are charity oriented, with the sole purpose of spreading the love of music and helping the community. Her diverse sound is the result of her extensively diverse musical background. Raised by a musician, she has studied classical and jazz on multiple platforms, played in metal and grindcore bands, dj'd for rave audiences, and participated in various electronic projects. Nyarlathotep is a growing force in experimental electronic music with an ever- changing style and sound you should definitely keep your eye on.