- Nova Materia


Combining electronic, industrial and psychedelic sounds, NOVA MATERIA channel the raw energy of musique concrete into the ass-shaking fury of a Parisian dance floor. This Santiago/Paris-based duo consisting of Caro and Edu deliver a found-sound electronica fuelled with four-on-the-floor party pulse Latin-based club music. After two EPs produced a.o. in collaboration with French producer Chloé, Nova Materia recently released their first album « IT COMES » on cult Belgian label Crammed Discs alongside the likes of Acid Arab, Konono N°1 and Matias Aguayo. The band’s live shows are not only a joyful discharge of energy, these cats bring a whole unique visual live set as they use everything from scrap metal tubes, stones rubbed on metal, and electric guitars used as percussions, performing with no computers on stage. Already hitting main festivals in France, Europe and South America they are currently working on various projects to be released by the end of 2019 and early 2020.