- Non Grata


As a DJ starting in the middle of 1998. He played a house, 2 step, bassline house, garage, pumping house, speed garage, tribal techno in many many cult clubs of the Perm city as DJ Klever. In 2003 it has got acquainted with drum & bass music. Deep bass melodies and broken rhythms have grasped its brain and he has started to play drum & bass music on raves. In january 2005 Klever has created the drum & bass project Non Grata. The project became widely known in Perm thanks to numerous drum & bass remixes on many commercial groups, such us Prodigy, Roxete, Oasis and etc. Listening to remixes, people exclaimed: "Dude!!! It really cool drum & bass. Oh f***k.". People could not believe that it is possible to make a qualitative remix on a usual pop song. In 2011 Non Grata has renewed work in studio over new tunes.