- No Maka


NO MAKA are undoubtedly the best DJ/Producers duo from Portugal, and for many a reference! The Afro and Kuduro beats have grown and NO MAKA uses this influence to mix it with new sounds, which has brought to the project a vibe and unique spirit. Their single “Levanta a Mão” is having huge success, as well as an awesome feedback nationally and internationally, followed by “A Noite é Nossa”, “O Mambo Ta Bom”, and “Allez Portugal”. After Portugal tour and performing in several European countries such as, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium, NO MAKA released their first album “Na Casa” in 2014, which includes the single “Panic”, in Zouk Bass gender. The name NO MAKA means "no problem". Maka is a Kimbundu word (African language of northwestern Angola) that refers to a delicate, complex or serious problem.