- Niteppl


Appearing from seemingly nowhere in early 2011, NITEPPL has been a force within the blossoming San Francisco Indie Dance scene through his contemporary disco / techno style remixes and sleazy, operatic originals. Formerly signed to now defunct electronic music label Our House Records, NITEPPLhas shared the stage with many of the world's top acts live including Porter Robinson, Madeon, SebastiAn (of Ed Banger), Danger, Crystal Castles, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Girls N' Boomboxes, Treasure Fingers, and The M Machine.Building a large following on Soundcloud throughout his early release career, NITEPPL's move to Temple Music Group, musical imprint of DJ / Entrepreneur Paul Hemming, was accompanied by his debut official release; the conceptual LP Cult. A menacing omen of things to come, NITEPPL's Cult shot to the top 10 of several Beatport's genre top 100 lists including Indie Dance, Electronica, and Breaks, as well as making the top 25 in the Electro House genre, and was featured in various charts. Cult was released in January 2013.His second official release, the Warrior EP, NITEPPL constructed another concept themed work, focusing heavily on style and precision; as well as throwing out references to everything from Skrillex to New Order. T he Warrior EP was released in April 2013 on Temple Music Group.NITEPPL's live shows are a frenzy of larger than life drums, seething bass lines, and soaring guitar lines performed and mixed on the fly; often accompanied by contemporary ballerinas and projections.NITEPPL's unique blend of bubbling space disco mixed with contemporary production, rockstar sensibilities, and shamanic live performances, make him one of the most exciting up and coming artists in dance music today.http://s oundcloud.com/niteppl