- Nilo Damasceno


DJ and producer of the genre 'House'DANILO DAMASCENO (aka Nilo Damascene)Born in the city of Itu / SP, Danilo Damasceno, aka DJ Nilo Damasceno joined the disco at the age of 14, and his first musical production was the track 'In The Mix', released by Movida label in 2009.MUSICSWith each song, Nilo shows its new identity in a versatile way, where in all productions it zela by the rhythm of 124 to 126 BPM. He always works with outstanding tones and constant notes, characteristics of the segment 'Tech House' and 'Minimal House', without losing the levy of 'Deep House'. In some of his compositions, 'Progressive House' appears strongly in each stanza.With discreet and unappealing tracks, the Nilo project brings what it likes to hear, and its love for what it does is visible. It's worth it!Nilo Damasceno is in the main digital platforms of the world of electronic and music in general, as: Beat Port, Spotify and Deezer.