- Nikyrez


Nicolo' Ciaschi in art "Nikyrez" was born on 18th February 1999 in Frosinone. I was passionate about dance music since I was a child, I began to increase and study dance music (EDM) more and more, listening to many tracks and especially the hits that in the previous years were a boom in listening. At the age of 16 I decided definitively to enter the EDM world under the name of "Niky DJ" and to begin to entertain people during the holidays, so much so that I went to the A.P.M. of Anagni where here, followed by the RDS DJ Maurizio Rocca and the DJ/Producer Ivan Klan, I deepen my skills acquired beginning also to entertain people performing for the first time (June 3rd, 2016) at the Firefly Music Club of Anagni doing a great debut. Subsequently I played at the Music Festival of Anagni where once again I had a great success. Being a DJ that makes a great success in the evenings I decided not to stop here, so that in the following year at the age of 17 I went to the World Academy of Notes in Tecchiena where always followed by the Dj/Producer Ivan Klan began the my career as a Producer, changing the name from "Niky DJ" to "Nikyrez". Once again I put the miedoti acquired in previous years into action, becoming a DJ/Producer of electronic music EDM.