- Niklas Ibach


bach is a child of the nineties, with fourteen years of piano education and no appreciation of the sync button.As a boy, he used to visit the opera with his mother. The interest in classical music, as well as jazz has stayed with him until today and his musical interest is unbound by any genre limitations. Artist such as Depeche Mode, Mighty Oaks, Super Flu, Deltaspirit and Nicolas Jaar have also greatly influenced him over the years.Niklas represents positive ease in combination with reliable technique and passion. His sound is a mixture of authentic, impelling clubworthy dance music of around 125 bpm, but it can be completely different as well. In either case, it is always eloquent, emotional and humorous.T he melodies of this young man from Stuttgart, Germany capture the spirit of his generation. "Be Yourself", one of his original mixes, became sound of the week on trndmusik.com. His reinterpretations show great attention to detail. The title "J'ai demandé à la lune" secured a spot among the top 100 of best edits in 2013.The experienced youngster spins with names such as Lexer, Alle Farben, Faul, Peer Kusiv and Worakls. Niklas Ibach convinces with his instinct for music, crowd and mood.Emotional sets and passionate productions. Music for the heart ♥