- Niederflur


Niederflur (Hannes Wenner and Christopher Bleckmann) are among the first acts on M-nus since the early days. Sharing eight years of the label's ten year history, Niederflur -releases have come a long way from the first series of 12'es, inspired by the Cologne Subway system, appearing very fragmented and conceptual, to their highly regarded recent releases such as 'DIN' or 'Typo Ep'. Their constantly lucid sound, known to be very defined and deep, has experienced some major development to a more impulsive and drifty style. The sound-design and the arrangements of the tracks now are definitely more playful and dancefloor-intoxicating. Especially the experience of playing live profoundly changed their approach for Niederflur productions. Another big influence is Bleckmann and Wenner's extensive work on their other project Misc. , that developed quite some reputation by releasing on labels like Sender or Klang Elektronik. With the 'Typo Ep', Niederflur takes a daring leap forward to put some more content into the music without betraying their roots or those of the minimal-genre. Discography: 12' 'Autobahn ' (minus:ND1) 'Kalk-Kapelle' (minus:ND2) 'Zollstock' (minus:ND3) 'z. B.' on 'Minimize to Maximize Extension' (minus) 'DIN' (minus:ND5) 'TYPO EP' (minus:ND6) Album 'ND4' (minus 11) Compilation 'Sülzgürtel' on 'DE:9 Closer to the Edit' (Novamute) 'Sprinkler' on 'Minimize to Maximize' (minus) 'Sprinkler' on 'Transisions' (Novamute) 'z. B.' on 'Minimize to Maximize 2' (minus) 'Drehbrücke' on 'She's a Dancing Machine' (minus) 'Kalk-Kapelle' on 'She's a Dancing Machine' (minus) 'Porz-Wahn' on 'She's a Dancing Machine' (minus) 'isv' on 'Nothing much and Something more' (minus)