- Nico B


His contact with music started at the age of 14 when he started his first indie-rock band, which performed live numerous times and recorded a studio album. His musical training includes 8 years of intense study, mainly at Berklee music school. He currently plays guitar in Clima Perfecto. (www.climaperfecto.com.ar)His first steps towards becoming a DJ began back in 2002 he found himself debuting at the Barfly. (Arcos de Palermo, Buenos Aires) This was his first chance to show his various musical qualities. Throughout his career he has been resident of Jump Back in Puerto Madero, Bestial Bar, Jah Bar, Levitar Ambient Bar as well as perfoming at Cocoliche, Shamrock Basement, Bahrein, Bed Baires, Envy, Hotel Bahuen, Voodoo Bar, Terrazas Bliss, Nubar, Hi-fi Olivos, Wake Up, Spell Café de Palermo to name but a few.He has also played at events where he shared booths with DJs including Gunnar Stiller, Fabiano, Lucas Ferro, Monkey B, Juan Pryor, JPfirter, Club Rayo, Lucas Abadi, Manuel Sahagun, Undbeat, Martín Gioia, Miss ADK, Jam-On, Carlos Ruiz, Violett, Margot and more. Nico's sets are characterized by his distinctive style, achieved as a result of his wide taste in music. Although rarely stepping outside the house genre, his sets are heavily influenced by Funky, Tech and Electro. His music brings together elements of different genres including Tech house, Electro, Acid house, Breaks y Funky Electro, which are used to obtain a tidy and consistent mix.Even during a warm up set, his sound is instantly recognized by its groovy style, one of Nico B's essences.