- Nick Wurzer


Nick Wurzer was born in Frankfurt am Main, 40-year-old, his style repertoire extends from Progressive House & Techno and Minimal strikes over what to do anything like a bomb.The results, combined with the finest driving beats of the highest quality, sound quality and offer first was already so much enthusiasm chin slide off the ground under their feet.One reason for his party sounds is compatible with his own penchant for Security musical exuberance: Nick is an absolutely Partyfreak, experienced and so it always knows what he cut down even the most tired audiences around the ears in order to bring it to boil.On the other hand, he is aware of its responsibility as a DJ to his audience at every opportunity and sought the perfect show.This sense of responsibility, just serve up only sound is first class menus, write him at every performance in the face.His first contact with the electronic scene was fresh but not by the imposition, but by the Club Night era.Inspired by the Omen and Dorian Gray, 1990, he began to collect the equipment, from there on his great love for the laying and the associated Dj – life began.As in a perfect novel, it was love at first sight and continues to this day.By the time he stepped up his involvement and cooperated with many international and national Dj's and Artists - always looking for the best perfection.This perfectionism was soon in his personal biography and discography fruit.