- Nick Novikoff


Nick Novikoff was born to Russia (Surgut). He is one of the most popular and talented DJs on the club scene a city Surgut. The musical career of the beginnings in 2002 year debut has taken place in night club "Opera- house".In time he had time to act on one scene with such DJs as: Martin Eyerer (Germany), Dave Robertson (UK), Azzido Da Bass (Germany), Vincent Vega (Germany), Superstyle Deluxe (UK), Kris Menace (Germany), Ruslan Sever (Ufa), Lady Waks (SPb), Lena Popova (SPb), Arcady Air (Moscow), Katrin Vesna (Moscow), Oleg Suhov (Moscow), DJ Slon (Spb), Polina (Moscow), Arram Mantana (SPb), Dmitry Bobrov (Moscow), Andrey Loud (Moscow) and many other things.He developed a separate technique, it can be isolated of hundreds of other DJs. One of the main priorities of Novikoff is the quality of the musical material and its careful selection. Actively promoting modern electronic music, he does not stop only on one style, he always looks for something new and it takes lot of time to track musical novelties to the his incredible collection and of musical shows.