- Nick Grater


You don’t know techno if you don’t know Nick Grater. A boldstatement, but not arrogant! Nick Grater has been a stalwartpowerhouse of the techno industry in South Africa for thelast decade. As with any DJ, his career began humbly with asimple residence at Atomic in Johannesburg. From thesehumble beginnings rose a force to be reckoned with. Nickhas almost single-handedly kept the techno scene rollingforward in South Africa like an unstoppable steamroller ofbeats. As a firm believer in underground purism, Nick isrecognised as one of the top techno performers in thecountry and a proud ambassador for this genre overseas.His intelligent, tribal, hard, driving style has secured him areputation as one of the finest and most technically adeptDJ/producers in South Africa.Speaking of producing, Nick can boast of several fertilecollaborations, as well as successful solo tracks, releasedon world-class record labels – Teknotribe digital, Hydraulix,Smitten, Maximum Minimum, Cluster, Routemaster,Powertools and Stay Up Forever, as well as Nick's secondcompilation on Teknotribe recordings. He has also garneredpraise for his remix of “Illuminate”, a track from localsupernova band Springbok Nude Girls, which has beensigned to iTunes in the UK and Sony BMG in South Africa.Seemingly unstoppable, Nick’s tireless dedication, talent andpassion have seen his career expand past our shorestoward global stages. Nick has performed on aninternational level in clubs and events in London, Brazil,Germany, Slovakia and all over Africa. His incredible skill andphenomenal presence behind the decks have ensured hisname feature on DJ line-ups all around the world and hasplayed alongside top international Acts Industrialyzer, LuigiMadonna, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E T he Drummer, DJ Ant,Khainz, D Nox and Joseph Capriati to name a few.Nick’s overriding passion and enthusiasm for techno, havesecured its future in South Africa. Known countrywide bypunter, promoter, club owner and DJ alike, Nick commandsrespect both in his achievements behind the decks andbehind the scenes. Nick is a true pioneer and ambassadorof the underground electronic dance movement and morespecifically the techno genre. DiscographyNICK GRAT ER & ANT “Strontium 90” SMIT T EN 053 NICK GRAT ER & ANT “Nitrous Oxcide” CLUST ER 069NICK GRAT ER & ANT “Untitled” MAXIMUM MINIMUMEMERGENCY REDNICK GRAT ER & ANT "Mech-Anarchy!" POWERT OOLS 031NICK GRAT ER & ANT “Our Broken Toy” CLUST ER 079NICK GRAT ER & ANT ‘Harties Hats” ROUT EMAST ERNICK GRAT ER & ANT "Colombia’s Finest!" POWERT OOLS036NICK GRAT ER “Teknotribe cd001” T EKNOT RIBERECORDINGS 001NICK GRAT ER & ANT “Laugh” Stay up Forever 091NICK GRAT ER “Teknotribe Volume II” T EKNOT RIBERECORDINGS 002NICK GRAT ER “Teknotribe Vol 1” Teknotribe Digital T T 001NICK GRAT ER “Teknotribe Vol 2” Teknotribe Digital T T 002NICK GRAT ER & ANDRE FRAUENST EIN “Binary Code Vol1” Teknotribe digital T T 003NICK GRAT ER & ANDRE FRAUENST EIN “Binary Code Vol2” Teknotribe Digital T T 004NICK GRAT ER “Teknotribe Vol 3” Teknotribe Digital T T 005NICK GRAT ER “Hydraulix 44 remixes” Hydraulix 044NICK GRAT ER “Oxide” Teknotribe Digital T T 011NICK GRAT ER “Destination Detroit” ON/OFFNICK GRAT ER “Decade” Teknotribe Digital T T 016