- Nice Nate


Nathan Hepner aka Nice Nate was born in LA on Feb. 5 1988 and has been making music since the age of 4.He says that music was his first language, and it's apparent... he is fluent in it.Nice Nate's tracks and mixes have a specific signature sound to them.it could be described as deep and journeying, moody and involved, technical and eloquent.Intricate yet simplistic... with tasteful touches and foundation.Nice Nate puts his heart and soul into his music and promotes stability and quality in all endeavors.if you are into serious sounding electronic music, flavorful track selection, and intent mixing... Then this DJ/Producer is for youTracks: soundcloud.com/nice-nate hearthis.at/nicenateMixes: mixcloud.com/nicenateContact: Facebook.com/djnicenate