- Neutron


Behind the name "Neutron" is a DJ and producer Bojan Musulin, a man of many talents from web, design and marketing to audio & video production / DJing and label running.He has released tracks on Kidz Luv Techno, Decoded Mini, Wandler, Seta Label, Cloud Of Silence, Undertechnical, Fat Blonde and more releases are on the way.He also does parties with his crew, runs WAXX TRAXTM and works on material for a live act. He has since 2010 performed in Secer, 20/44, Drugstore, Mint, Svemirska Kafana (relevant underground clubs in Belgrade) and has played major festivals like Exit Festival in 2011, Foam Fest 2013 and also won LoveFest "Young DJ Hopes Competition" in 2013. He also performed on 2014 instance of MAD in Belgrade Festival. His track "Pump" has been remixed by Elektrabel in 2011, and he has done remixes for Dejan Milicevic & Marko Milosavljevic, Jan Nemecek, Eeva, Nikola Grebovic, Fyono and others. Creating free-to- download edits is also his thing, where he gives new life to classic tracks. His latest 2-step garage remix for Eeva got picked up by a Serbian rap label Bassivity and is promoted on their official channel. Future seems bright for this guy as his tracks get more interesting over time, and he surely doesn't lack ideas.