- Nello Fiorentino


Sorrento, which is situated in southern Italy is the native city of DJ Nello Fiorentino, who is born on the 3th of august 1984. From childhood on he's doted to music and further on he is one of the most energetic and active dj's from the Amalfi-Coast. Since a long time ago he has participated in numerous events in southern Italy. He also showed various appearances in a famous club called “Movida” in London in 2007. Thanks to his unique and international sound he is one of the most upcoming and interesting DJ in southern Italy. Since seven summer-seasons he is the DJ resident of one of the most famous and splendorous clubs of the Amalfi- Coast, namely of the “Africana Famous Club”. Various international and national celebrated Artists and Dj's have the honor to cooperate with the noted “Africana Famous Club”.DJ Nello Fiorentino is also a producer, one of his most significant creations is “Still Insane”, which appears on several “electro-compilations”. Always in search of a new presence of voice for making his sets the more inimitable and unique, especially for his audience. He is up to every challenge also if it's demanding, for achieving his individual objectives