Key Commands
 - Neither


Emerging from Mexicali, Mexico, Miguel Angel and Willy B met each other through the electronic music scene, a common factor that brought them together. Willy B with a well-known background as a drummer in the rock scene, and Miguel Angel, with his experience and skills in electronic music, decided to create the duo now known as “Neither”, creating a clash between two musical cultures. With Miguel Angel’s technical skills as a producer, and Willy B’s experience as a drummer, the duo offers a sound that can be identified as “classy and groovy”, properly made for the dance floor.In order to define their style and sound, the duo decided to breakthrough into the underground music scene by spending a year in Mexico City. Nowadays, the duo is currently located in their hometown, focusing mainly on their music production, looking forward into releasing all of their music. The near future looks promising for this young act, so expect to hear more from this Mexican duo in the not so distant future.