- Nehemias Milen


Nehemias Milen born in the city of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. started production in 2008, by himself, about the Techno music and its variations, and eventually was effective in the dance floor, is proud it, & goes in search of more. Supported by: Elio Riso, Nacho Casco, Giorgio Marchesini, Adrían de Bernardi, Marcel Ei Gio, Fernando Guzman, Ladies On Mars, 2 Robots, Gateway, Pitt Larsen, Javier Ferreira, Steve Butch Jones, Luis Nieva, Joe Fisher, Kloseb, Camy, Carlos Alfonsín, Gabriel Ferreira, Phunk Investigation & many more. Signed with large discography as [Push Push Music] (Ibiza.), [Four Peas Recordings] (Miami, FL.), [Miniaturesrec ] (Italy.), [Bend Records] (Arg.), [Lord Musik] (Col.), [Area Sur Records] (Arg.), [Vulcania Records] (Spain.), [Ninefont Music] (Arg.).He also played an important role in clubes like "El Divino Dance Club (Sobremonte.), Mr Jones, La Reina (Chocolate.), Middawn (Pinar de Rocha.), La Casa del House (Puerto La Cruz.), Pin Up Club" & other underground holidays.