- Nature From Svn


With a DJ history that dates back to 1992, Kiley Thompson has been in the thick of the electronic music industry.After moving to NYC under the direction of Keoki, his alias "DJ Usul" landed a residency at the legendary TWIILO. From there, he travelled the circuits of the world, exploring, and learning to produce, DJ'ing all along the way. In 2000, he met Christian Aydt and formed a live electronic band called Science Vs Nature (SVN). T he duo have worked together since, refining their skills as a team, as well as taking what they have learned into their own private sector. "Nature from SVN" returned in 2012 to the DJ Circuit with an experimental DJ set, that took his traditional progressive sound to a techno level (progressive techno), entitled "Screw Minimalism". 2013 brings all original sounds and remixes to his DJ set.