- Nate S.U


Nate S.U is a man of many passions. He’s a naturalist. He has a fine eye for obscure fashion. He’s a rare breed with a refined taste for stripped back groove. Put him on a dance floor in the Mexican jungle wearing nothing but a pair of women’s tights from the 60s and a cape, and he might just say he feels “at home”.Nate’s musical journey began two years ago, when he left his job behind to split his time between the studio and festivals across the world - on both sides of the decks. As a frequent at many of Sydney’s notorious late night house music hangs, including S.A.S.H, Nights Like This and Chinese Laundry he has built a momentum that shows no signs of slowing.Drawing powerfully on influences from his travels through South America and Europe, Nate’s sound has laid the foundation for the raucous crew of creatives calling themselves Conspiracy, where he is head of A&R.Having released on Spanish label Doga Records, Amsterdam based Egothermia and his own imprint Conspiracy, Nate is now sitting on an arsenal of unreleased music that he believes best epitomises a sonic scape unique to himself. Keep an eye out for what's to come for this young Sydney producer.