- Nasty Preacher


With parents who really loved the music in the 70’s / 80’s it wasn’t really complicated for Joel to fall in love with the music genres of these periods. As a kid for him it was a bunch of years to search and discover through the gigantic records collection some of the most fantastic and rare masterpiece of these decades. Nowadays these memories bring back a new kind of creation for him. 
Music lover, DJ, producer Joel is active in the electronic music genre for more than 15 years.
All has begun with The Badgers back in 2002 with two second hand Technics turntables. He was party manager of big electronic music festivals in the east of France and after that he started to produce some dark techno / minimal tracks with his best friend as The Badgers. 
After numerous music productions during more than 10 years in the dark techno / minimal branch with the Badgers (Creepy Finger Rec, Plankton Repellent, Momentum League, Killing Machine Rec. and many more) Joel decides to make a solo project to explore the another creative side of his personality, deeper and funkier.
“Nasty Preacher” is the new born of this choice. 
“Nasty” was how some people portrayed the music his influences. “Preacher” is a nod to James Brown.
There is only one objective, to create a good workout for your hips...