- Narkotix


Narkotix started out producing Hip Hop beats for friends in his early teens. After conquering that he wanted more, so he tried out his hand in a hardcore metal band. He felt he accomplished himself in that field to its fullest extent so he then attempted something he never could have imagined, Mixing EDM. After he practiced Mixing for awhile he soon realized that mixing was where his true talent lay! So Dj Narkotix A.K.A Devon Warren Started mixing/producing Trance songs in early 2004 and hasn't looked back! He later was hit in the ears by the wonderful sound of Electro House which caused him to completely switched his genre of focus! Later down the road he met Von Ukuf who taught him how to hone his spinning skills and introduced him to the wonderful world of Progressive House. Now Narkotix is a Black belt in the art of spinning music that can kick your ass into Euphoria. With his vast knowledge of many genres throughout EDM Narkotix knows how to make every single one of his sets unique and active. Narkotix sometimes brings his sets back to the old school showing you some of the favorites from yesteryear with his own spin on them. Don’t be surprised if while dancing at a Narkotix set a remix of Marvin Gay’s “Lets get it on” come out of know where and hit you in your ears. In one word Narkotix makes his sets EPIC. It’s Impossible to not enjoy your self while listening to them. One time after a Narkotix set a girl screamed, "DJ Narkotix your music touched my vag!" Watch out for this guy! With his unique style and showmanship during his live shows, he can't help but get the crowd moving! -


Rise Of The DJS
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