- Nandi H.


Nandi H. was born in Hungary in 1995, he began to listen to electronic music in his 10s, nowadays he is inspired by a lot of producers.His sound is very uniqe, he used to listen to all genre and tried to make his own style.At the age of 15 he started to making music and make contract with other producers for example DJ L.A.M.C, donEz, Coldbeat, Daroel and Nitez...He got in touch with a famous music label called Ak47 Musical Recordings, his first tracks were released by them.His biggest tunes like Drivin' Bassline,Hard Saw Beat...His collaborations inlcude some track with DJ L.A.M.C, he is a very talented producer from Mexico, and some other with donEz from Hungary.With a lot of DJ contract his tunes were played in clubs in famous clubs in Hungary.Nowadays he is signed to the Coldwave Records and he tries to make his best in the every day jobs..His future includes a lot of suprise, stay stuned...