- Najeem S


Najeem Saledzay aka Najeem S was born in Kandahar, June 17, 1993. In 1999 he moved to Moscow. After 9 years, he first tried his hand at music. Began its suppose to hip-hop, but later realized that it was not for him ... a little later he became acquainted with the music called Breaks, in particular Nu Skool Breaks, but it was not long later, his friend introduced him to Drum'n'bass, He realized that this is it. He began to delve into the roots of this genre, and discovered the world of Jungle. He realized that this is exactly the same as he was looking for. He started writing music in Reason 3, and his first jungle track, too, began writing in Reason, but the Reason did not have enough space for jungle . He began studying the FL Studio and Cubase at the same time with him and he later switched fully on Cubase. He also wrote the entire Galaxy Love EP. Later he was interested in experimenting with ambience and bass. In each of his track atmosphere plays a very important role, and the atmosphere sets the mood of the track. He has just started his journey ... let's see, hear, what awaits us in the future with him. At this point, he wrote the EP for In Da Jungle Recordings.