- Nagi Kastour


Nagi Kastour is a Electro House DJ/Producer.His career all started when he was 12, and started as all beginners with a simple cheap controller and learning and practicing by himself, refusing to attend any kind of courses just to achieve his own style and to become a great dj with his own hard work.When he finally achieved the mixing skills of a professional dj he upgraded his setup to fully pioneer and after a while seeing that mixing was just not it, even though he reached a pro level he started producing tracks in his home studio, having a computer and a midi keyboard was just it to reach a level of any great Producer. Now he has his weekly show "The Dub Show" released on Scratch Radio. in 2012 he signed with DM Records and released his first original on beatport on July, 5 2012. In 2013 He Signed with Tronic B7 & Eltronic Fusion Records, Releasing 3 New Tracks.