- Nackt


Nackt is a DJ, Producer, Lover, and Gentleman based in Oakland, CA. A native of the East Bay in California, Nackt grew up playing jazz saxophone and collecting funk and soul records.After becoming obsessed with hip-hop in the 90's, his extensive vinyl collection was put to good use as sample fuel in downtempo and hip-hop production teams. Nackt held a residency at Oakland landmark, Ruby Room, and later co-founded Deep East, a deep house and techno weekly at Lounge 3411, and continues to DJ and promote in Oakland with Rare Form. Nackt's original productions are heavily influenced by classic garage and house music, underground vibes with high quality polish and attention to detail. With a variety of vintage analog synths alongside modern digital classics, Nackt's sound is a perfect blend of old and new, looking to the future while respecting the past.