- Nöisek


Nöisek, born in Murcia, Spain. Since he was very young he showed a great interest in music, showing himself especially attracted by the instrumental and new age music of great artists such as Mike Oleld, Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre, it is not until a more mature age when he discovers electronic music. He started as a DJ and producer in 2016, showing a natural talent for sound selection. A great music collector, his Techno repertoire is innite to create a great mix in his sets. He has played in some of the major clubs of the Spanish Levante. As a producer he takes advantage of his experience with atmospheric techno to give his rened taste. His rst track is published on AWEN Records on 31/12/2018, later he publishes his track "Radamantis" on the Spanish label Usanza and remixa a His. Creator in his ep Found with the support of F