- N.FilTr8


N.FilTr8 grew up in small rural town outside of Charlotte, NC. After Finishing High School N.FilTr8 Began focusing all of his attention on Music Production & Composition, He obtained a degree in 'Audio Engineering' Shortly after. He then began learning the craft of Production by Trial And Error; He found this was a must to formulate an Original Style. Growing up His Parents were very open about Music and stressed to Him He could Do or become anything he Put his mind to. When He was Very young his Older Brother brought home a CASIO Keyboard with Drum Pads Sampler & Multi-Track Recording capabilities. This Was IT! The Preprogrammed '16 Beat' Loop Was Forever Etched into His mind! After years of having this Loop playing over and over again in his head, wondering “What is this Sequence of Beats?” He then heard a song by 'Malicious Mike' that contained that 'haunting beat' He Could never escape... Going on to learn this was known as an 'Amen Break' & was the sole push behind his Musical Ambition. Going on to indulge in the Subculture that is BREAKBEATS took him on a whirlwind journey of Audible Bliss!James Hurley is a Mild mannered Computer Technician, building and repairing Computers daily is nothing new to him. Also Saying please and thank you on a regular basis to customers and Elders is a must for his Image...N.FilTr8 On the other hand is Fueled By 'Dirty' & 'Filthy' Beats Laced with Ear Piercing, Chest Crushing Bass Lines! He uses only single shot drum pattern samples Either He Made or Obtained from the original Creator. Programming his Own Drum Patterns in a Sequencer and never using Drum Loops or Pre-made loops. Recording his Own Vocal Samples and designing Sounds never heard before is his main stronghold in his Music Production.N.FilTr8 Started Producing Music Early on at the age of 15, Making Hip-hop & attempting Break beats... He would sit for Hours Just him a Friend & a Computer Trying to hone in on the 'Break Beat' Sound! Finally After years of Trial and Error He finally found His Niche in the Break Beat Realm... In 2009 producing a Few Demos and sending them Out to Labels All over the World. Not long after He Met a Friend Online 'Stefan Roussin', Whom talked about starting a label from scratch to get his and others Music Heard all over the world!... James expressed his Commitment to this grass root Label By Promising Exclusive Releases on this Label To Help Them Get off The Ground...In The Summer of 2010 'Breakz R Boss Records' Was a Reality. Releasing their First Tunes Digitally on 'Track It Down' then spreading the tunes all over the WORLD via Other Digital Retailers such as 'Beatport' & 'Juno Downloads'... N.FilTr8’s Remixes and Original Tracks have been played on NSBRadio (NuSkool Breaks) and other online Break Beat Stations with ‘Rave’ Reviews! Keep your Mind and Ears Open and be on the look out for new Fresh Tunes from N.FilTr8 coming soon!