- my.head


My.head is complex. He is many in one and we wonder why he doesn’t call himself our.head. He easily admits that his many facets make this graphic designer from Aix an original producer. Immersed in noisy rock’n’roll since his teenage years, thanks to an elder sister who listened to it full blast, he then got into electronic sounds with the rise of Mo’Wax and Ninja Tune at the end of the 1990’s. He matured over the years and reached for more influences within the realm of cinema, painting, literature. “D Lynch, F Bacon, PK Dick are all buddies of mine. In my mind at least.” Armed with his bitten apple machine, and inspired by the UK garage scene, he produces organic, enigmatic and mind-melting ballads reminiscent of Future Garage. But this label is far from encompassing his music.