- Muziek


On the first of July of 1987 this great DJ was first born in the city of Mexico. This talented DJ has shown a great amount effort and his love for music. He was first hired by Wayak in 2009 and has recently joined to Soum Music this year 2012. He has demostrated his talent as a DJ and producer, has shared many diverse events and always brings a set that guarantees everyone will dance! Muziek has s hared the stage with many recognized DJ's such as James Monro, Tini Tun, Odiseo, 2UP, Metrika, Xano, Ecliptic, Carl Johan, Hanema, Mild Bang, Divino Medrano, System Nypel, Sharigrama, Jey & Ex, Hollogram, Sussie 4, Molotov, Arturo Maya, Fobia, Cuca, Los Masters del Plus, Vazik, Son of a Beat, Transmission, Fashion Victims and many more!! Recently he won first place in the contest of Reventour by Cerveza Estrella in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 2011 and the judges Sussie 4 couldn't be more amazed by his way of impressing the crowd. He has shown his great talent by being in the page Beatport.com, with his new songs that are now on sale. His new crew The Dream Factory, recently made it's first event and had over seven hundred people that don't stop asking for it's next event. This great DJ is now looking at events in Canada, Brazil, Columbia and Europe. He has also been contacted by Columbia who has been very interested in Muziek and has even bought many of his songs. If you are interested in booking or contacting Muziek please email him through muziek@hotmail.ca or in Beatport DJ's.