- Mussen


..between London, Milan and Madrid. M. is actually manager for vibe me record.His first label starts at the end of 2008 working around Japan and USA electronic/deep moviment. Some collaborations, remixes and releases with artists as Mikael Stavostrand, So Inagawa, Yuki Masda, Someone Else...bring to discover and love the old “analog” sound. Mussen sound searching is moved by a t ot ally analog ambient , improoved by t he original TR- series Roland drum, with dark 4/4 beat, rolling bass, and attractive house vibes... the same vibes that M. puts into the live performance and djset...naturally influenced by the club where Mussen played: BERGHAINE Kantine, (berlin), CASSETTE (madrid), CHARADA (madrid), LOKAL (Istanbul), Klub Koralle(dresden)..and a lot of secret after-party where the people want just dance. So in the 2011, M. starts a new fresh label: vibe me record. A brand new project oriented to the re- interpretation of “old-house” beat, with a new re-touch by the young and interesting artists of the label, with the precious remixes of Deniz Kurtel, Alan Fitzpatrick, Jordan Peak, Kris wadsworth, Dapayk, Someone Else, Butane, Deepchild, Marcos in Dub, So Inagawa, Rafael Kakudo,... In 2012/13 Mussen touches some remixes and personal ep on Apparel (London) and Movements (Spain) and on vinyl for his label vibe me record t hat add t o t he lucky collaborat ions wit h ot her labels of the club culture scene.