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 - Multifrequencies


Ernesto and Eduardo J. Ocáriz made the Mexican project " Multifrequenices " Producing together since 2010 , they have collaborated with artists as " 20x " , "Digital Hippies", "Insignia", "Euphorya", "Inward Move" among others ... His music has been signed by record labels as (Xibalba Records), (MayaDreams Records), (Goa Records) (Ataxia Records) among others.Currently they worked with Labels like "Maya Shakti". Seeking to transcend their music through the ears of the listener . Ruffling the dance floor with progressive rhythms and psychedelic harmonies , leaving each party an unforgettable trip. Their most recent EP's "Universe Theory" and "October Moon " and singles "The reason of our existence" and "Supernatural" have had an excellent acceptance at Mexican rave scene . Certainly one of the most promising Mexican projects .