- Mr Pedros


Mr Pedros aka Pete Smith (to his mum) is a Manchester based DJ /Producer embroiled in the underground scene in the city and beyond. His influences started back when he would be hanging on street corners with a piece of lino and a ghetto blaster. From graffiti art through to poppin and breakin then onto the acid house scene and warehouse parties, these experiences have all shaped his musical style to this day.Hailing originally from the North East and having various residencies across the area, Mr Perdos is now firmly lost within the Manchester borders and is now at the helm as head honcho and resident of the ‘Dusted’ outfit. Dusted is now coming into its 16th year of putting on parties and the best is still yet to come.Mr Pedros has had string of releases already in the bag on labels such as Midnight Social Recordings, 3am Recordings, MUM, to name but a few. With original work and remix offers coming in at a rapid rate, the future is definitely looking bright for this artist from the North East..