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 - Mr. Kan3


Hi! I’m Mr. Kan3! It is pronounced “mister country” like Country Music; I chose this name because I love this genre of music... So, I was born in 1989 and I come from Russia (Privet! Kak dela?). During my lifetime I have had great opportunities to live in different parts of the world. I have lived in New York (USA), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Goa (India). It was in Goa when I started to learn how to make electronic music. But it wasn’t a sudden thing... as almost all of my life I have been involved in music. During my university life I was a singer, songwriter and guitarist in pop-punk band “Crazy Days”. In 2009 we released an album called “Soundtrack for my Princess” which featured 9 tracks.In 2016 I decided to create my personal SoundCloud profile. And release my first track, which was a remix of “3OH3 Feat. Kesha - My First Kiss”. This track achieved more than 1000 plays really quickly, and gave me great motivation to continue.In the middle of 2016 I met “ZTSky”, he is a really talented guy from Moscow and we started to work together. In December 2016 we released a track called “Fugas” on a label called “Asnazzy Production”, this label gains a lot of attention. I was able to find radio shows, where poor DJ’s tried to pronounce our nicknames with no luck; I also found blogs, and gained some published articles promoting the track. All of this really gave me hope, that what I’m doing is actually not a waste of time.In 2017 we found a nice girl with a cute voice and created a track called “Secret Space”. The lyrics, melody and vocals were created especially for this song and this was my first work with a real vocal. The track has achieved over 10 000 plays on my SoundCloud channel and was also released on “Asnazzy Production”.Since then I have decided that no matter what,I will continue to share my music with the world...