- Mr. Kan3


Mr. Kan3 is a music producer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. During his lifetime lived in different parts of the world: New York (USA), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Goa (India). In Goa he started to make electronic music.In the beginning of 2016 was released first remix of “3OH3 Feat. Kesha - My First Kiss” on official Mr. Kan3’s SoundCloud page. In December 2016 we released a track called “Fugas” on label “Asnazzy Production”, which get a support on blogs and online music stations. In July 2017 released track “Ballroom” on label “Asnazzy Production” which get a lot of attention in Montreal clubs, get support by clubs DJs in Germany and was featured on big Youtube channel Diversity with more than 125K views.In 2018 took part in release of Vagan - Hipster LP with his collaborative track with Charlie England. Nowadays continue actively make music for dancefloors.