- Mr. Ho


Relentlessly making loops out of anything he can lay his hands on, and moulding it diligently into House music; House music with all the soul and hands-in-the- air vivacity of tracks you know, but with all the excitement and rawness of tracks you are discovering for the first time.Mr. Ho brings more bumps and rolling grooves to the mix than 5 minutes in the ring with a drunken master.Dusty and polished at the same time, his music is about grasping the true essence of the dancefloor; finding the right groove to get the people moving, since music means nothing without the people to go with it.With two strong releases on his home label Klasse Recordings and a string of well received remixes on popular labels such as Exploited, Mr. Ho's music is charted and supported from Ellen Alien, Dj Sneak, Shlomi Aber, Catz n Dogz, and Robert Dietz, among others.