- Mr. Haselbain


Mr Haselbain arises as a fruit of the effect 2000 entering in the experimental electronic music with analogic and digital instruments. His first contact with analog synthesizers was when he acquired the KORG MS-20 without really knowing the possibilities that this tool could offer. After many years experimenting wit h t echniques and equipment it ́s in 2008 when he begins to forge his own style, focused on a futuristic electro, with vocoders and spatial atmospheres.Currently MH has released two albums "Miedo al Cielo" in digital format (2010) ht t p : / / mrhas e lb ain.b and c amp .c o m/ alb um/ mie d o - al- cielo and "11/11/11" Compact Disc limited edition of 200 handwrit t en numbered copies wit h lyrics and a free sticker inside.ht t p://mrhaselbain.bandcamp.com/album/mr- haselbain-11-11-11-compact-disc-limited-edition-of- 200-handwritten-numbered-copies-with-lyrics-and-a- free-sticker-inside.