- Mozaik (FR)


Armed with their bewitching synthesizers lines and powerful drums, the 2 brothers composing Mozaïk are just like archeologists. Melodic & ethnic, their music explores differents civilizations and cultures of the world. In a way, its a real call to travel and discovery. Alex, the creative mind, take care of the production side and craft the singular sound of Mozaik. Matt, the dj, takes the audience with him on a long journey and a beautiful travel in each of his set. Fulltime partners, the 2 brothers are complementary and shape together the unique identity of mozaik. They release their productions on labels such as Sapiens, Madorasindahouse, Radiant, Art Vibes, Plaisirs Sonores records or Aftertech Records. Their tracks are supported and played by djs like Solomun, Dixon, Tale Of Us, Agoria, Pete Tong, Guy Gerber, Eagles & Butteries and many more.