- Motion


Motion has been creating and producing music that has been really innovative and who has been is garnering more attention abroad. The electronic Australian artist and producer has always had a passion for music while playing guitar and drums in local bands.After leaving the band scene, Motion grew as a local DJ with residencies in Queensland, Australia, this changed his view of music completely. Electronic music is the ultimate do-it-yourself art form, as Motion returns back on the scene almost a decade, with a tech and funked out vibe. Motion has proved that all that was needed was a computer, a controller, soft synths, and a room to be on his way. Releasing on indie labels such as Hammer Network Records and DTL Records, Motion still stands outside of the mainstream, but deserves a high-five for a regular spot on Soulfinity Radio, Australia’s premier house music station.“I feel like I have complete creative control producing electronic music. In the beginning it seemed like a long journey, but now I have found the ideal way to express myself." - Motion