- Motel77


MOTEL77 is the new dark disco / slow techno duo from France revealed by the infamous record label La dame Noir in 2018. Their first EP has received widespread acclaim from Media (BBC 6 music, Dj mag UK, The Ransom note, Trax magazine...) and has been supported by artist like Curses, Local suicide, Psychemagic, Chloe, Zimmer or Marvin & Guy. “Beast of a release” , “dance floor heat”, their second EP on Nein Records with remix by In Flagranti and Roe Deers also received heavy support by Dj community and confirm the growing imprint of the duo in the European electronic music scene. In the last year, the duo has performed both in Europe and Asia bringing their dark groove, techno-ish disco, and saturated guitar in Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Ho Chi Minh.