- Morlack


T his French funkster cooks up a sound beefier than thegates of Babylon, more immense than the Golden Horde,and funky enough to add a shimmy to even the most potentforce of nature. In the last two years, Morlack has been oneof the most prolific funksters to break out onto the sceneand ravage the ears of both music aficionados and clubgoers.His music has been released on nearly all of theinfluential nufunk labels including Breakbeat ParadiseRecordings, Royal Soul Records, Punch Out Recordings,Funk Blasters, Boogie Boutique and many more. A no holdsbarred approach to sonic pandemonium and a twistedsense for gloriously contorted grooves has set dancefloorafter dancefloor ablaze. Bawdy beats and raunchy rhythmspermeate every moment of his music, and an impulsive flarefor the unpredictable keeps the frenzied thrills raging.Even Chuck Norris would stop dead in his tracks proceedand get down.