- Morker


Mörker is the art of darknessMorker is the art of darkness When darkness spreads everything becomes unpredictable. The idea is to enlighten the followers and be informative about its purpose. Mörker is extant because of its true believers. It is built upon 3 main developments spread among many contributors. Ocular, Phonic & Vignette are the structure behind Morker.The Ocular Stageis the visual aspect of the follower, its intent is to represent Mörker's action as an element of kammic energy. It becomes a part of the consciousness of the individual and moves on in the stream of consciousness.The Phonic Stageis used to deceive the listener with its dark nature in comparison to its visual representation. Each track or “Phonic” is designed based on the individual experience of its designer. This yet proves the unpredictable nature of Mörker. yet, this stage is followed by a religious love for Techno phonic.The Vignette Stagehas only one purpose and its to create an entity as a physical being. However, each being is dressed in a mask to capsule the idea, that the individual isn’t as important as the followers and believers behind Mörker.