- Moralez


Alexander Moralez is a St. Petersburg, Russia-based promoter, DJ, musician and the founder of the label MSQ Records. Early russian gabber [began to listen to hardcore and gabber music since 1995]. For the last 10 years, Moralez regularly organizes acid, electro, ebm and techno events in the city. As a musician Moralez' music has been released on such labels as Gigolo Records, Brokntoys / Eidetic, Boysnoize Rec, Snuff Trax / In The Dark Again, Mosaique/MSQ, Meant, Polybius Trax, Clouded Vision, and more. Moralez, also known under the pseudonym Kind Human Being, participated in the vinyl compilations "808 Box - 5Th Anniversary"(2O17), "808 Box 4th Time Capsule" (2O18), 808 BOX - Fundamental Records 10 Years"(2O19) from Fundamental Records; also the author of the vinyl album “June” (2 * 7 ") for French label New Flesh; also did some collaborative sessions with artists such as DJ Hell, The Horrorist and Hardton, and others. Alexander Moralez is also a member and CO-founder of new wave / synth punk band The Bleak Engineers (together with Zombierella, vocalist and bass player of world-renowned surf band Messer Chups), ski-