- Moov


Through the history, music has been conected to our state of mind. The way that each one captures the music is directly envolved with the soul that we employ when we feel it. By the way, perhaps the term 'to feel' is more appropriate than 'to hear' when we talk about it. Who can guarantee that the notes absorved by me are the same that reaches you? Music is a perfect conection with the soul. To understand the role that it plays and all the movement that it leads is a privilege for the few.The producer Murilo de Oliveira left his life to be conducted by the beats of Techno and House in one of those rare cases of full dedication to this art. This relation of love and dedication was rewarded in the inspiration of the nickname MOOV, the artist project that explores new timbres and deep melodies. Days, nights and dawns at the studio were necessary to discover his current line, the way of sound that sets it perfectly. Music and artist complete themselves in this new stage.The year of 2016 begins collecting the first results of this project. The debut EP of the MOOV project was lanced byt Medrado Music in January, brazilian label with notorius work in the fields of melodic productions. He also released EPS on Plano B, Not Another and has a very good schedule of releases for 2017.A road of adventures and challenges in this galaxy called eletronic music has began. The final result of it, we don't know, but it'll be the truest possible. Always!