- Monowav


MONOWAV real name MICHAEL GONZ ALEZ .24 years young producer, was born in 1988 in Martigues in the south of France, it is immersed in music from an early age with a father already, now became animator.he made the debut in 2004 with the deejaying under the name of MI-KDO.T ECHNO fanatic, he perfected it in the mix and adopts high technology and effective over the years.he played in several clubs in the south of France and Rave party is then that he has the desire that launched in PRODUCTION and LIVE.Active member of OPSYGEN which will open her doors to the world of Techno and everything that surrounds it, recently he signed the first contract with labels.it was then in 2013 Mi-kdo decides to be called MONOWAV.